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Dear readers,

It’s September, and students are making their way to classes again. Backpacks are filled with laptops, books, and pens. Hands are holding a coffee and a sandwich. The lectures are starting, exams are planned and the studying begins. And so, the pressure is building.

With this first editorial piece we introduce our new theme: pressure.

Pressure is a theme often discussed considering work pressure. As a landscape architect you might recognize that you have chosen a stressful study program. And your firm in the future might experience pressure from competition.

But how do we deal with pressure on landscapes? As a planner or landscape architect we are constantly dealing and working with all the pressures influencing an area. Think about climate change, but also regulations, pressure from recreation, and pressure from changing technologies. There is a limit on space, time, and resources in our world and instead of dreaming of another place in outer space we are responsible for dealing with the limitations of our world, country, project area.

In the TOPOS committee, we recognized that pressure is all around us and we encouraged our writers to interpret the theme in their own way. We hope that we sparked your curiosity and come back every Tuesday for a new post dealing with the theme pressure. We are enthusiastic to share new stories dealing with spatial planning, landscape architecture, and cultural geography.

Lastly, don’t forget that we have a forum on our website now. We encourage everyone to share inspiring links, stories, podcasts, etc. The TOPOS platform is meant as a place of inspiration for anyone interested!

Best regards,

Shanna Koppejan

on behalf of the editorial of TOPOS

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