Sahara Lake, the Solution for Sea Level Rise?

_COLUMN_ by Koen van Niekerk

It has been some time since the world met Donald Trump and some of us are even getting used to his ‘particular’ way of thinking and saying what he thinks. And now that he is mister president of the United States of America we can begin to imagine the consequences that might have, for example on the topic of climate change and his impact on the landscape.

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Practice-based Planning for Urban Gardening


_GRADUATION WORK_ by Ioana Musat

Urban gardening is a practice increasing in popularity in the Netherlands, especially in the city of Amsterdam. However there is little understanding about the social dimensions of urban gardening. Ioana Musat provides an insightful research in the ‘Boeletuin’ and a model for this new form of food planning.

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Responsive Land, Research by design on a sustainable form of agriculture for de Krimpenerwaard


_GRADUATION WORK_ by Sander Hermens

Sander Hermens won the 1st prize at the IFLA 2016 for his graduation work. His work provides a proposal, through research by design, for a sustainable form of agriculture for the Krimpenerwaard.

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