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  • Songlines: Singing the Landscape

    Songlines: Singing the Landscape

    _ARTICLE_ by Koen van Niekerk In the introduction of the TOPOS theme spiritual landscapes, we mentioned that particular places or whole landscapes can be of spiritual value. In Australia we find the ancient mapping and routing around this huge continent is actually very spiritual as well.

  • TOPOS this year

    TOPOS this year

    _OTHER_ by Josselin Snoek November 2016, not just the month in which the most affected American elections in years have come to a conclusion, but also the month in which TOPOS announces its plans for 2016-2017.

  • Exploring the way

    Exploring the way

    _GRADUATION WORK_ by Pim Lucassen With the retreat of religion from the public domain the popularity of pilgrimage is increasing. A new and more pluralised spirituality is arising, but current religious infrastructure does not seem flexible enough to cope with this change. Through a phenomenological exploration of the experience and landscape of the Camino de Santiago this thesis aims to facilitate a new spirituality through design interventions along the route.