The minefield of a dissonant site – Exploring design strategies

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_GRADUATION WORK_ by Sanne van der Mijl
The subject of this research is: sites of dissonant heritage. The research is a triangulation between landscape architecture, heritage studies and experience theory. The remnants of war symbolize a communal traumatic memory. The consequences of disturbing events result in a scarred landscape. The synthesis led to the creation and use of the model for experiencing a dissonant heritage site.

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Fieldwork in the Dutch Caribbean: Developing sustainable tourism on St Eustatius

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_OTHER_ by Mart Reiling & Ineke van Kapel
For my thesis (Ineke) and for the experience (Mart), we went to the small and quite unknown Caribbean island, St Eustatius (Statia). We spent five weeks exploring the possibilities for sustainable tourism development on the island and creating different spatial scenarios that we presented to the inhabitants of Statia.

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