Designing with landscape identity

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_GRADUATION WORK_ by Romy Zwiers
The goal of this thesis was to develop an approach to landscape analysis and design that takes into account local inhabitants opinions and meanings on landscape. The approach was applied to one of the Ruimte voor de Rivier projects (Zwolle) in the Netherlands, where in the original project, local inhabitants opinions and meanings were not taken into account.

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Deventer: the romanticized Dutch planning process


_BOOK REVIEW_ by Flore Bijker
Deventer is a fascinating book – both informative and exciting, written in an intelligent and vivid tone. Matthew Stadler is an American journalist, discovering and describing the Dutch urban landscape and its complex planning practices. He follows a planning process in Deventer, where an innovative real-estate project takes place, including a cross-disciplinary team of architects, business experts, financiers, artist and planners.

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