The problem police and the problem of problems

Lara Croft featured

_COLUMN_ by Martijn Duineveld

Since the creation of problems is deeply related to funding (for research and other projects) and can have many societal and political consequences, it would be great if we would invest a little bit more effort in problematizing problems before immediately solving them. To do so I propose the problem police. They are cool, sexy and rock and roll.

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Conference: Natura 2000 in action!

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_OTHER_ by Frank Gorissen
‘Natura 2000 in action’ was the motivating title of the third annual conference of the European Learning Network for Regions and Biodiversity, which took place on 10 and 11 December 2014 in the stunning Sant Pau in Barcelona, Spain. I had the pleasure to be invited for both days. They were filled with presentations and workshops that aimed to make the organization of Natura 2000 areas more multidisciplinary, instead of keeping it in the realm of the ecologists.

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Deventer: the romanticized Dutch planning process


_BOOK REVIEW_ by Flore Bijker
Deventer is a fascinating book – both informative and exciting, written in an intelligent and vivid tone. Matthew Stadler is an American journalist, discovering and describing the Dutch urban landscape and its complex planning practices. He follows a planning process in Deventer, where an innovative real-estate project takes place, including a cross-disciplinary team of architects, business experts, financiers, artist and planners.

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