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  • Exploring the way

    Exploring the way

    _GRADUATION WORK_ by Pim Lucassen With the retreat of religion from the public domain the popularity of pilgrimage is increasing. A new and more pluralised spirituality is arising, but current religious infrastructure does not seem flexible enough to cope with this change. Through a phenomenological exploration of the experience and landscape of the Camino de Santiago this thesis aims to facilitate a new spirituality through design interventions along the route.

  • The phenomenology of publicness

    The phenomenology of publicness

    _GRADUATION WORK_ by Tesse Bijlsma “Landscapes include land plus man,” Ann Whinston Spirn (1997) wrote in her famous book about the language of landscape. A clear notion, which is actually fundamental for landscape design disciplines since every adaptation in the landscape is eventually made for the benefit of man or mankind.