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  • Mind Your Gap

    Mind Your Gap

    _COLUMN_ door Marleen Buizer Some metaphors work brilliantly well. Take tips of icebergs, or glass ceilings, or better still, the cherry on the cake. Other metaphors are less friendly. Did you notice, that war-terminology is on the rise?

  • Designing a Design-Thesis

    Designing a Design-Thesis

    _ARTICLE_ by Simon Swaffield Landscape Architecture students are often confused whether the thesis should be creative or scientific. Simon Swaffield, author of the book ‘Design Research’, provides us an insightful notion on how to design our design-thesis.

  • Is er toekomst voor het Pauzelandschap?

    Is er toekomst voor het Pauzelandschap?

    _ARTIKEL_ door Bart Bomas  Stel je voor dat luchthaven Schiphol zijn functie verliest. Neem even de tijd om te bedenken wat te doen met het gebied. Vliegen kan of mag niet meer. 2.787 hectare no go area, met landingsbanen, hangars, pieren en parkeergarages, terminals en verkeerstorens. Een tussentijd dus. Ondenkbaar? Niet helemaal. Wat is de toekomst van dit soort pauze-landschappen?

  • Farming the sun

    Farming the sun

    _AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Fan Yang The involvement of the landscape architect is needed in the process of renewable energy transition in order to achieve a sustainable development. The spatial arrangement of these new technologies is a relatively new subject to landscape architects. It is important to study how to make new technologies fit into the landscapes by designing. Solar Photovoltaic is one of these new technologies. In this thesis, the design strategy and principles of fitting solar parks into the landscape are studied.

  • Mooi! – Lopen op de Camino

    Mooi! – Lopen op de Camino

    _COLUMN_ door Pim Lucassen In het kader van mijn afstudeerproject liep ik in oktober en november van 2014 de pelgrimstocht naar Santiago de Compostela. Het doel van dit afstudeerproject is om ontwerpprincipes voor pelgrimslandschappen te ontwikkelen als een middel om het veranderende karakter (lees: secularisering) van de Westerse spiritualiteit te faciliteren. In deze column geef ik een kleine inkijk in een dag op mijn Camino.

  • Three Unhelpful Claims on the Protection of Nature and Landscape

    Three Unhelpful Claims on the Protection of Nature and Landscape

    _ARTIKEL_ door Kris van Koppen In this somewhat provocative essay for TOPOS, I will dispute three often-heard claims in debates on nature and landscape planning. While plausible at first sight, none of these claims is valid. Moreover, none of them is helpful in protecting and improving our natural environment. In this essay, I will explain why I think so, and argue for forms of nature and landscape planning in which government, citizens, and experts all play significant roles. I will take the Netherlands as example, but the arguments have a wider relevance.

  • Aankondiging: NRGlab gastcollege door LAGI (LandArtGeneratorInitiative)

    Aankondiging: NRGlab gastcollege door LAGI (LandArtGeneratorInitiative)

    _OVERIGE_ door Redactie Dirk Oudes and Sven Stremke have managed to convince the directors from LAGI (LandArtGeneratorInitiative) to give a Skype presentation to Landscape Architecture students on the 7th of January. Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry are outstanding and, by now, have run 3 global competitions with mind blowing propositional designs of which the first ones are being implemented now.

  • Landschap en Beleving

    Landschap en Beleving

    _COLUMN_ door Rudi van Etteger Tijdens het ECLAS-congres in Porto in het najaar van 2014 was Tom Armour van Ove Arup een van de keynote speakers. Hij vertelde over zijn bemoeienissen met het ontwerp van het park rondom de olympische spelen van Londen. Tijdens zijn verhaal zei hij meermalen “…about aesthetics, we know how to do that”.

  • Designing ecosystems: the Ebro Delta

    Designing ecosystems: the Ebro Delta

    _AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Davide Caspani This is the Ebro Delta, Catalunya’s territory, with Spanish blood and Moorish roots. Likewise many other historical landscapes, the Delta is facing several transformations in its local cultural identity. At the same time, changes on the global natural assets are threatening many natural and manmade ecosystems.

  • A waterproof environment

    A waterproof environment

    _AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Hannah de Winter Extreme precipitation causes nuisance in daily life in many urban areas. This thesis researches possibilities to create an adapted sustainable environment by using a landscape based design approach with Veenendaal-oost as pilot case. This approach searches for a renewed connection with the landscape and seeks for site-specific challenges and opportunities the landscape offers.