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  • Songlines: Singing the Landscape

    Songlines: Singing the Landscape

    _ARTICLE_ by Koen van Niekerk In the introduction of the TOPOS theme spiritual landscapes, we mentioned that particular places or whole landscapes can be of spiritual value. In Australia we find the ancient mapping and routing around this huge continent is actually very spiritual as well.

  • The naked landscape

    The naked landscape

    _COLUMN_ by Cor Simon Although a roof over your head will protect against the desolations of nature, a roof also deprives us from the experience of the sky and touch with mother earth.

  • Quito blog 1: The new world of Ecuador

    Quito blog 1: The new world of Ecuador

    _ARTICLE_ by Abel Coenen From February until August I will be staying in Quito, the capital of Ecuador – a country where landscape architecture or planning are no common professions at all. For these next months, I will live and work in the city as a true quiteño and explore the landscape of Ecuador. I will try to elaborate on the role and position of landscape architecture in this new world country, in a few exclusive blogs for TOPOS.

  • Three Unhelpful Claims on the Protection of Nature and Landscape

    Three Unhelpful Claims on the Protection of Nature and Landscape

    _ARTICLE_ by Kris van Koppen In this somewhat provocative essay for TOPOS, I will dispute three often-heard claims in debates on nature and landscape planning. While plausible at first sight, none of these claims is valid. Moreover, none of them is helpful in protecting and improving our natural environment. In this essay, I will explain why I think so, and argue for forms of nature and landscape planning in which government, citizens, and experts all play significant roles. I will take the Netherlands as example, but the arguments have a wider relevance.

  • A waterproof environment

    A waterproof environment

    _GRADUATION WORK_ by Hannah de Winter Extreme precipitation causes nuisance in daily life in many urban areas. This thesis researches possibilities to create an adapted sustainable environment by using a landscape based design approach with Veenendaal-oost as pilot case. This approach searches for a renewed connection with the landscape and seeks for site-specific challenges and opportunities the landscape offers.

  • CALTROPe – Catalyst Architecture against Sea Level Rise

    CALTROPe – Catalyst Architecture against Sea Level Rise

    _ARTICLE_ by Janka Csernák CALTROPe is an answer to the challenge of Sea Level Rise. With this project, we aimed to create a future-oriented and innovative architectural solution responding to this diverse problem. For a complex, real and multidisciplinary response, the concept was developed by designer members of S’39 and invited professionals from different relevant fields.

  • Possibly IJsselbiënnale in 2015

    Possibly IJsselbiënnale in 2015

    In the summer of 2015 the first edition of the IJsselbiënnale will probably take place. A big international event that should focusses on the IJssel valley and the Hanseatic towns within that valley for both native and foreign public. Special places and stories of the IJsselvallei will be told through temporary art installations in the landscape […]