China: an urban revolution

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_ARTIKEL_ door Thomas van den Berg
Living on the 25th floor in the centre of a booming mega city, working on huge-scale urban planning projects and finding my way in the midst of millions of people every day; this is the story of my internship in Wuhan, China. For five months I lived and worked in the fastest country of the world. China is developing its cities at a speed that is unprecedented.

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Brons + partners explores Riverbank parks in Beijing

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_ARTIKEL_ door Ellen Wilms
Globalization in our profession of landscape architecture means that there are opportunities to widen up the perspective of our working domain. Started in the Netherlands, Brons + partners is since 2012 more and more involved in an international orientated domain of work. To understand the foreign market and its opportunities, Brons + partners decided to do some international surveys by visiting promising markets, offices and projects.

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Socially supported landscape regeneration


_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Flore Bijker en Lian Kasper
In de hele wereld is sprake van een afname van ecosysteemdiensten: een onderzoek van de VN schrijft dat 60% van in totaal 24 ecosysteemdiensten over de hele wereld op dit moment sterk onder druk staan (MA 2005). Ecosysteemdiensten zijn diensten die een ecosystemen kan leveren, onderverdeeld in producerende (voedsel en water), regulerende (schone lucht en microklimaat) en culturele diensten (educatie en inspiratie).

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