Physical modelling in landscape architecture: exploring a design tool for the explorative phases in dynamic landscape design

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Jolanda de Jong

Why do landscape architects not always consider the physical model (“maquette”) as a design tool in the explorative phases of the design process? There must be a reason for this – or even better: a solution to it. In order to explore the physical model as a design tool for the explorative design phases in dynamic landscape design. To grasp – at least a small part of – the design process.

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The problem police and the problem of problems

_COLUMN_ door Martijn Duineveld

Since the creation of problems is deeply related to funding (for research and other projects) and can have many societal and political consequences, it would be great if we would invest a little bit more effort in problematizing problems before immediately solving them. To do so I propose the problem police. They are cool, sexy and rock and roll.

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