The Politics of Place-framing in Planning Practises: Some Considerations in the Cases of Paris and Liverpool


_DEMOCRACY & SPACE_ door Wim Bosschaart

Framing is one of the most profound human activities and we are doing it continuously throughout the day. Nowadays place-framing is of increasing importance for cities as they found themselves competing in the globalising world. However place-framing in planning is far from innocent…

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The minefield of a dissonant site – Exploring design strategies

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_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Sanne van der Mijl
Sites of dissonant heritage are the subject of this research. The remnants of war symbolize a communal traumatic memory. The consequences of disturbing events result in a scarred landscape. This research is a triangulation between landscape architecture, heritage studies and experience theory. The synthesis led to the creation and use of the model for experiencing a dissonant heritage site.

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Regionale plannen zijn dood


_COLUMN_ door Marit Noest
Regionale plannen zijn dood. Geen landschapsarchitect in het huidige milieu die hier nog veel brood in ziet voor de toekomst. Maar betekent dit dat we regionale plannen ook helemaal niet meer nodig hebben? Dat er geen regionale problemen meer zijn waar ze oplossingen voor bieden? Natuurlijk wel! De vraag is hoe lokale plannen weerstand kunnen bieden tegen regionale problemen.

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Fieldwork in the Dutch Caribbean: Developing sustainable tourism on St Eustatius

featured image statia

_OVERIGE_ door Mart Reiling & Ineke van Kapel
For my thesis (Ineke) and for the experience (Mart), we went to the small and quite unknown Caribbean island, St Eustatius (Statia). We spent five weeks exploring the possibilities for sustainable tourism development on the island and creating different spatial scenarios that we presented to the inhabitants of Statia.

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Designing with landscape identity

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_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Romy Zwiers
The goal of this thesis was to develop an approach to landscape analysis and design that takes into account local inhabitants opinions and meanings on landscape. The approach was applied to one of the Ruimte voor de Rivier projects (Zwolle) in the Netherlands, where in the original project, local inhabitants opinions and meanings were not taken into account.

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Extensive portrait of a landscape

_BOEKRECENSIE_ door Abel Coenen
The 2012 book A Photographic Portrait of a Landscape emphasizes on the meaning of the terms landscape and land ownership. Despite its ambitious title it presents an easily readable collection of texts and images, showing the different aspects of Dutch landscape. By both a photo study on the Frisian village Wjelsryp and an extensive essay this philosophical topic is researched thoroughly. A must-read for those who work with landscapes.

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