Farming the sun

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The involvement of the landscape architect is needed in the process of renewable energy transition in order to achieve a sustainable development. The spatial arrangement of these new technologies is a relatively new subject to landscape architects. It is important to study how to make new technologies fit into the landscapes by designing. Solar Photovoltaic is one of these new technologies. In this thesis, the design strategy and principles of fitting solar parks into the landscape are studied.

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Announcement: NRGlab guest lecture by LAGI (LandArtGeneratorInitiative)


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Dirk Oudes and Sven Stremke have managed to convince the directors from LAGI (LandArtGeneratorInitiative) to give a Skype presentation to Landscape Architecture students on the 7th of January. Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry are outstanding and, by now, have run 3 global competitions with mind blowing propositional designs of which the first ones are being implemented now.

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The Pulse of the City: Exploring Urban Metabolism in Amsterdam

Figure 1; Research approach AMS_Featured Image

_ARTICLE_ by Ilse Voskamp and Sven Stremke.
Considering ongoing, rapid urbanisation and the vast resource consumption of metropolitan areas around the world, it is important to integrate urban resource management with the design of our future cities. But how can resource management become an integral part of planning and designing urban landscapes?

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