Murmur of limits: Evoking the sensuous encounter between ecological phenomena and humans


_GRADUATION WORK_ by Naiara Valcarlos
This theoretical and design research explores the realm of perception in the milieu of new nature development. It focuses on relating the sensuous encounter with materiality of the landscape. New nature consisting of not only accomplished ecological recovery but a landscape instilled with human scale that supports ecological function.

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Aesthetic Engagement with Built Landscape

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_ARTICLE_ by Yuriko Saito
Everyday aesthetics, the subject of my recent work, aims to illuminate those aspects of our lives that are normally not the focus of aesthetic attention. Objects of daily use and the environment we inhabit are commonly regarded as a background against which various events and activities take place. As such, they are taken for granted and generally do not give rise to a memorable experience, unless their familiarity is disrupted.

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Children and sublime landscapes

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_ARTICLE_ by Paul Roncken
TOPOS asked researcher Paul Roncken for a contribution to the topic of contemporary landscape aesthetics. As assistant professor he is connected to the landscape architecture group of Wageningen University and works on several topics involving aesthetics and design education and research. He shares his view on the development of sublime landscape experiences during childhood.

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