De redactie van TOPOS bestaat uit de volgende personen (update 28-04-2018):

foto dirco kok
Dirco Kok
My name is Dirco and I graduated from my bachelor in Landscape Architecture. At the moment I am interning as a landscape architect. Besides my studies I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, architecture and good food. As TOPOS’ chair I will write an article or book review from time to time and contact fellow students to contribute in articles as well.


David de Boer
My name is David and I am 23 years old. I am currently busy with my first year MSc in Landscape Architecture. Besides my studies I enjoy drawing and the outdoors. Within TOPOS, I will be the voice on social media. So make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In!



Gerben Hartgerink
My name is Gerben (20 years old), third year BSc Landscape Architecture. I’m going to write for TOPOS, with hope to brighten your day! Also I will collaborate with the BuitelHucht committee. Besides TOPOS I love to go mountain-biking in nature, and I love painting and watching films like Interstellar, Django Enchained and Inception.


linde-pfLinde Keip
My name is Linde (age 24) and I am in the final year of my bachelor, last year I studied Landscape Architecture in Istanbul. I am interested in traveling, languages, drawing, films, going outside and architecture. Within TOPOS I will write an article or column from time to time, and I will maintain contact with the Landscape Architecture graduates.


Koen van Niekerk
Hi, I’m Koen, 22 years old now and a new face in TOPOS. Currently, I amplify my BSc Landscape Architecture with a minor art philosophy and art history at the UU. I like to share my thoughts and knowledge about landscape architecture, landscape itself, philosophy and art with you. When I’m not writing or reading, I like to row, bike, swim and visit art exhibits.



Maureen Prikken
My name is Maureen Prikken (22 years old) and I’m in my third year of the bachelor Landscape Architecture. I love being outside, painting art, and listening to music such as indie, rock and progressive metal. At TOPOS I assist the team and I take care of the website as webmaster.



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