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TOPOS is een online weblog en wordt gemaakt door studenten Landschapsarchitectuur, Ruimtelijke Planning en Culturele Geografie van de Wageningen Universiteit. Klik voor meer informatie.

Physical modelling in landscape architecture: exploring a design tool for the explorative phases in dynamic landscape design

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Jolanda de Jong

Why do landscape architects not always consider the physical model (“maquette”) as a design tool in the explorative phases of the design process? There must be a reason for this – or even better: a solution to it. In order to explore the physical model as a design tool for the explorative design phases in dynamic landscape design. To grasp – at least a small part of – the design process.

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A landscape framework for informal settlements to facilitate urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Josje Hoefsloot
The percentage of the African population living in informal settlements is increasing. The quality of the public spaces in these informal settlements is decreasing because of uncontrolled open defecation, waste dumping and lack of a sewage system. This thesis is a research in how existing public spaces can be protected, improved and used to improve the urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique.

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100 years of Landscape Architecture in Wageningen? Pt.2

_ARTIKEL_ door Michael van Buuren
This year we celebrate 100 years Wageningen University, but wat about 100 years of landscape architecture in Wageningen? As landscape architects we have to be conscious of the tradition we stand in, and who’s shoulders we stand on. To refresh our memory Topos asked Michael van Buuren (Alterra) to write this article about 100 years of landscape architecture in Wageningen. Here is part 2!

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