Democracy is dead! Or is it?


_DEMOCRACY & SPACE_ door Bart Steman

Democracy is dead! Or is it? Democracy, as ancient as the Greeks, is probably one of the most contested concepts on our planet. In the upcoming months, TOPOS and the BuitelHucht will together work on a number of articles and events that aim to unravel the promises of democracy. We will focus on its impact on the landscape, on our living environment, on the political climate and on our lives. To start the thematic months, we will start with the claim that planners and landscape architects rule the world. In this series we will see if this claim is valid or not.

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Most read in 2015

most read 2015bThis are the 5 most read articles of 2015, based on page views. Interestingly page views on facebook show different numbers, probably because they look interesting. Than the list would also include Thoughts as design sketches and De onnatuurlijke natuurlijkheid. Enjoy…

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