Physical modelling in landscape architecture: exploring a design tool for the explorative phases in dynamic landscape design

Figure 11: Film stills of the movie of the model: natural sounds of animals, wind and rain recorded on the project site are part of this movie

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Jolanda de Jong

Why do landscape architects not always consider the physical model (“maquette”) as a design tool in the explorative phases of the design process? There must be a reason for this – or even better: a solution to it. In order to explore the physical model as a design tool for the explorative design phases in dynamic landscape design. To grasp – at least a small part of – the design process.

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A landscape framework for informal settlements to facilitate urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique

Afbeelding 7: visualisation of design for open public space in Muthemba

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Josje Hoefsloot
The percentage of the African population living in informal settlements is increasing. The quality of the public spaces in these informal settlements is decreasing because of uncontrolled open defecation, waste dumping and lack of a sewage system. This thesis is a research in how existing public spaces can be protected, improved and used to improve the urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique.

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Practice-based Planning for Urban Gardening


_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Ioana Musat

Urban gardening is a practice increasing in popularity in the Netherlands, especially in the city of Amsterdam. However there is little understanding about the social dimensions of urban gardening. Ioana Musat provides an insightful research in the ‘Boeletuin’ and a model for this new form of food planning.

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At The Edge – of the Land, of the Ocean, of Change

cover boekje

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Marit Noest

When hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US in 2012, I knew that I wanted to use the time in my master’s thesis to contribute to more sustainable shores in the area. Now, 3.5 years after the storm, I was able to return to the Jersey Shore with my research, film and design.

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Exploring the way

featured image

_AFSTUDEERWERK_ door Pim Lucassen
With the retreat of religion from the public domain the popularity of pilgrimage is increasing. A new and more pluralised spirituality is arising, but current religious infrastructure does not seem flexible enough to cope with this change. Through a phenomenological exploration of the experience and landscape of the Camino de Santiago this thesis aims to facilitate a new spirituality through design interventions along the route.

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