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  • Genius Loci vs. The Concept: Project EAT

    Genius Loci vs. The Concept: Project EAT

    _ARTIKEL Campus-special_ door Fiona Morris Any new landscape on the Wageningen University and Research Centre campus should acknowledge that until the late Middle Ages its genius loci was boggy. Water filtering down from the Veluwe is pushed back up to the light there, trapped by geology until increasing drainage interventions morphed the hydrology, ecology, and the human idea of the place. Land became accessible, grazed, fruit trees blossomed and crops grew; from the 1950’s the site housed environmental science organisations then, after 2000, the new campus. From an ecological design perspective the principle of genius loci translates as understanding what the land (the ‘super’ client) naturally wants to be. So what is the genius loci now?