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  • Book Review: Henry David Thoreau – Walden

    Book Review: Henry David Thoreau – Walden

    _BOOK REVIEW_ by Erik-Jan van Oosten RUW Foundation has started a sustainability book club last October and is exploring wildly different views on the world, one book at a time. Last month we took a closer look at a 19th century classic: Walden by Henry David Thoreau. A good choice, according to the author himself: “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.”

  • Extensive portrait of a landscape

    Extensive portrait of a landscape

    _BOOK REVIEW_ by Abel Coenen The 2012 book A Photographic Portrait of a Landscape emphasizes on the meaning of the terms landscape and land ownership. Despite its ambitious title it presents an easily readable collection of texts and images, showing the different aspects of Dutch landscape. By both a photo study on the Frisian village Wjelsryp and an extensive essay this philosophical topic is researched thoroughly. A must-read for those who work with landscapes.

  • Deventer: the romanticized Dutch planning process

    Deventer: the romanticized Dutch planning process

    _BOOK REVIEW_ by Flore Bijker Deventer is a fascinating book – both informative and exciting, written in an intelligent and vivid tone. Matthew Stadler is an American journalist, discovering and describing the Dutch urban landscape and its complex planning practices. He follows a planning process in Deventer, where an innovative real-estate project takes place, including a cross-disciplinary team of architects, business experts, financiers, artist and planners.

  • Wandering through Lost Landscapes

    Wandering through Lost Landscapes

    _BOOK REVIEW_ by Sascha Geneste When it comes down to books about landscape architecture offices, these are often established offices with the books filled with pictures of executed work. How different does Lost Landscapes feel compared to those publications.