TOPOS is a blog that is supported by the chair groups Landscape Architecture, Spatial Planning and Cultural Geography of Wageningen University, in cooperation with study association Genius Loci. TOPOS is made by students of the named institute.

TOPOS exists for almost 25 years. In those years TOPOS has manifest itself as a medium with depth and a platform for the exchange of ideas about landscape architecture, planning and cultural geography; until 2014 as three-yearly magazine, currently as blog. TOPOS functions as an intermediary between university, student and professional circle. With the use of topical themes, TOPOS has both a practical and an academical focus. Themes are chosen as a result of recent and future developments in both the academic and professional world. Beside these themes, other features like news items, events, graduation work, book reviews and columns mould the structure of the blog. TOPOS tries to be bilingual, yet for the moment being articles will be placed only in the original language in which they are written.

Besides keeping this blog up to date, TOPOS also will publish an annual at the end of each year. This annual will be published before Christmas and gives an overview of all the articles that have been placed on the blog that year, organized on their theme. Easy to read and great on the shelve. The Annual 2014 can be pre-ordered via subscription. We try to keep the prices as low as possible. Students and other members of the study association Genius Loci will receive the annual for free. Via this website we will keep you informed about the developments concerning the Annual 2014 and how to order a copy.