Water Light: A dream landscape with a serious message

Water Light:  A dream landscape with a serious message

_OTHER_ by Frank Gorissen and Rosanne Schrijver

The water level near Arnhem is rising, although so it seemed. From the 26th of February until the 1st of March, the high water gulley (area between summer and winter dike) of the IJssel near Westervoort was flooded by the newest creation of Daan Roosegaarde, in collaboration with water board Rijn and IJssel. Roosegaarde is well known for projects such as the van Gogh path nearby Eindhoven, the Marbles in Almere, the Dune and other innovative projects. The studio of Roosegaarde searches for interaction between technology, users and space. In this project Water Light, these three elements evoked a sense of awareness with the visitor/user of this landscape.

Waterlicht, foto Rosanne Schrijver

The aim of Water Light: show how our country would look like without dikes. Beams of light indicate the water level that might have been in this river-foreland  if the dikes would have failed during the near flooding of 1995. We, measuring almost 1 meter 90, were not able to touch the light, so it must have been a wakeup call to all those people living in comparative safety so close to the water. With around 20.000 visitors, the water board surely managed to emphasise our exceptional relationship with rivers in the Netherlands.

Waterlicht, foto Rosanne Schrijver

This impressive dream landscape, created with LED-technology and smoke generators, created the impression that one was walking underwater. Many visitors nicknamed it the Dutch northern light.

Waterlicht, foto Rosanne Schrijver

The work of Roosegaarde will tour along different Dutch water boards in the near future. At the moment of publication, the team is not yet sure where exactly it might travel. But do go and take a look at this impressive lightshow, we know without a doubt that it will render you speechless.

Waterlicht, foto Rosanne Schrijver